PicPay is your free digital account with a credit card with a boosted limit, debit card, loan, investments that yield more than savings, cashback on all your purchases and you can even pay bills in up to 12 installments! The application is available for free download on smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems.

To use PicPay, the user needs to create an account, which can be linked to a credit card or bank account. Once the account is created, the user can use the application to make payments to other PicPay users or to commercial establishments that accept the application as a form of payment.

One of the advantages of PicPay is the possibility of making money transfers between users free of charge. The application also offers features such as the possibility of paying bank bills, recharging your cell phone, purchasing credits for games and streaming services, as well as allowing you to create an investment portfolio.

PicPay brings all the facilities you need in a single digital account, it's free, it has a credit card with no annual fee, debit card, cashback, transfers, pix, bill payments and invoices in installments. And your money even yields more than your savings!

With PicPay, paying and receiving money is easier than sending messages.
Download now and enjoy your digital account with a credit card with no annual fees, cashback and much more!

Furthermore, PicPay offers a cashback program, in which the user can receive back part of the money spent on purchases using the application. The cashback value may vary depending on the current promotion and the establishment where the purchase was made.

PicPay is a convenient option for those who want to carry out financial transactions quickly and securely, but it is important to remember that all transactions made through the application involve personal and financial data, so it is important to take security measures to protect your account.

In short, PicPay is a digital wallet that offers several payment and money transfer options, as well as features such as cashback and investment portfolio. Its use is safe and easy, and can be a good option for those looking for practicality in financial transactions.